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What Are The Benefits Of Adding Lubricants To The Cold-formed Molding Equipment?

Feb 09, 2018

Whether it is a car, or a mechanical device, as long as the mechanical movement occurs, you need to add lubricants. So what are the benefits of adding lubricants to the cold-formed molding equipment?

1, because the lubrication film can reduce the friction factor between two moving parts, it will reduce the wear consumption of parts, but also can play the role of damping and vibration absorption, thus prolonging the life of equipment, reducing power consumption and improving the operation characteristics of the equipment.

2, grease can effectively isolate moisture in moist air, oxygen and harmful medium erosion, but also to prevent internal media leakage, grease can also prevent moisture, dust, impurities intrusion friction and other side effects;

3, friction pairs of movement will produce abrasive particles, as well as external impurities, dust, etc. will aggravate the friction surface wear, forced liquid circulation lubrication can take away the abrasive, reduce or avoid wear.

4, to prevent friction heat to make parts of the temperature rise, resulting in adhesion wear and corrosion increased, and even burned rubber seal ring or bearing and other accidents.

These are the advantages of adding lubricant to the cold bending forming equipment.