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Wall Plate Equipment Troubleshooting

Jan 20, 2017

First, leaking, wall plate devices if used for too long, over time, individual parts of the machine may occur leakage phenomenon, there are many reasons for this, including loose parts, vibration and heating effect of the machine, machine seals and fittings, etc, will appear the leakage;

Second, the loosening, wall panel equipment parts and most of the geometry and size deviations, early in the application, due to the loads such as shock, vibration, as well as heating, deformation and other shocks, wears out quickly, it is easy to loose, so light partition Board's inspection and maintenance work is essential,

Thirdly, the wall panels most of the equipment used motors, motor lubrication, it may cause the lube in a friction surface forming a uniform oil film, wear, this is due to the new equipment parts with a small gap between them, but may also be due to reasons such as Assembly, it is difficult to guarantee the uniformity of the gap with the cause of the malfunction.

Finally, the human factor, because the training is not in place, or inadequate knowledge of the equipment, not blind as required to operate the equipment, a usual phenomenon, this will easily lead to product failure, affect the yield and quality of products.