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Thermal Insulation Shutter Doors Play A Role In Fire And Smoke

Aug 04, 2017

Thermal insulation shutter doors are suitable for both to meet the adequate lighting and ventilation or capacity, but also to meet the fire partition of the fire cut off requirements, to comply with the fire division of the standard fire, insulation facilities. Products used in the design of the characteristics of the reel, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment with a reasonable structure compact, smooth and beautiful appearance, modeling novel. The fire curtains are lifted and lowered by the drive and the control system. Play a fire, smoke effect.

In addition to the role of ordinary doors, but also has a fire, smoke, inhibit the spread of fire, protect the evacuation of special features, can effectively prevent the smoke, the fire spread, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment To protect the safety of life and property, is an indispensable modern fire safety facilities.

Thermal insulation shutter doors are a kind of fireproof and thermal insulation facilities suitable for large openings in the building. The products are designed with reel and have the characteristics of reasonable structure and compactness.

When the fire occurs, the thermal shutter doors in the fire center under the control of the control system, according to pre-set procedures automatically put down, so as to prevent the spread of the fire to other areas of the role of fire for the implementation of fire fighting for valuable time.

Under normal circumstances, large buildings are equipped with a central control system in accordance with the provisions of the National Fire Law. When the fire occurs, the smoke sensor installed in the roof (smoke) first received the smoke signal, while the central control system to send a signal, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment the central control system through the identification of the fire area after the insulation shutter control signal, so that Fire area of the fire shutter at a certain speed down. When the shutter down to about 1.8 meters from the ground position, stop down, in order to facilitate the evacuation and evacuation of personnel, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment heat shutter doors in the middle of a certain time to stay, and then continue down until it shut down. The downstream height and the intermediate dwell time of the insulated shutter doors can be set during installation.

In some cases, the building is not equipped with a fire central control system, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment when the fire occurs, the insulation shutter doors only by means of heat insulation shutter near the smoke temperature trigger signal to make intelligent control box action, to achieve insulation shutter doors by pre-set The fire regulations run the program to run down.

In the operation of the use of the process, the operator shall not leave the operating location, should pay close attention to the opening and closing of the situation and the implementation of the opening and closing under the rolling bed are not allowed to stand, walk around. To prevent the trip switch failure, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment rolling curtain stuck, the motor blocked and other failures.

Fire partition and fire cut off the steel fire shutter usually do not make frequent use, once the area of fire, roller shutter should be able to effectively put into use. Automatic control of fire control with controlled control and central control center must be carried out in accordance with a set of control command procedures.