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Thermal Insulation Shutter Doors Are Made Of Double-layer Galvanized Steel

Jul 01, 2017

Thermal insulation shutter doors with double-layer galvanized steel color to suppress, filled with ammonia foam foam raw materials, the appearance of the use of advanced powder coating surface treatment process, set decoration, protection functions in one.

Thermal insulation shutter installation technical parameters:

1. Insulation shutter door is a traditional shutter shutter replacement, the door with double-layer galvanized color steel to suppress, filling the amine fat foam raw materials, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment the appearance of the use of advanced powder coating surface treatment process, set decoration, One.

2. Open the way advanced, there are manual, electric, remote control, and has the function of automatic locking, simple operation, the use of safe, quiet features are the traditional shutter doors can not match.

3. A variety of colors, a variety of styles, according to the needs of customers produced.

Thermal insulation shutter door function:

1. After the curtain is opened, it will be wound up in the upper part of the door, saving the interior space of the garage.

2. With automatic safety protection device, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment the door in the fall when the obstacles can be automatically rebound to ensure that people car safety, if the power outage can be indoors, outdoor easy to open, can be equipped with a variety of solutions.

3. To run a lightweight, reliable balance system, a strong drive, the production of sophisticated rails and flexible roller, so that the door to run more light and flexible.

4. Insulation energy saving, fire, security and security.

Installation method of insulated shutter doors

1, in the installation of the door frame frame marked the corresponding location, and specify the size, it should be noted that the height of the box is higher than the height of the door. The thermal shutter doors installed on the outside of the door usually raise the K of the door by at least 45% and ensure that the distance between the roller panel and the door frame is ≥40mm. 2, in order to be insulated shutter doors of the door frame, first remove the bottom of the door frame of the fixed plate, in the hole on both sides of the ground to be reserved in advance, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment and then corrected, to be qualified after the fixed wooden wedge, Embedded iron plate welding. 3, the installation of the main door, pay attention to ensure that the insulation shutter doors and walls into a whole, closed to do a good job, and then paint the hole and the wall. After the paint is finished, the door should be evenly formed, open the thermal shutter doors should be free and light, not too tight, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment too loose and rebound phenomenon.