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The Unit Performance Of The Door Frame Forming Equipment

Jun 15, 2017

Door frame forming equipment

1, forming the door frame nice, to enhance the quality of the door;

2, high molding efficiency, small workload, cost savings;

2 anti-theft door frame of a molding, semi-shaped special equipment. Door Frame Forming Equipment Also suitable for steel structure, home appliances and other manufacturing industries.

3 Molding process: automatic discharge - guide - leveling, feeding - continuous punching - forming - length, cut off -

Unit performance:

1 Rolled sheet range. Material: galvanized sheet, low carbon steel, such as Q235; plate thickness: 0.8 ≤ ∮ ≤ 1.5 mm; plate width: 150 ≤ ≤ ≤ 300 mm.

2 production covers an area: 30 meters long X wide 3 meters

3 installed capacity: 42kw

4 with air supply: gas source: 0.9 cubic / min, 0.6 ~ 0.7MPa

Door frame molding equipment, also known as open box machine is automatically completed out of the box, forming, under the end of folding folds. And now complete the next part of the tape paste, Door Frame Forming Equipment will be stacked into the cardboard box open, the bottom of the box according to a certain procedure equivalent, and sealed with a tape to the packing machine after the special equipment. Door frame molding machine all use PLC + display control, greatly facilitate the operation, is the automation of scale production essential equipment.

The method of forming a door frame is similar to that of an injection syringe,Door Frame Forming Equipment which injects plastic that has been plasticized in a molten state (i.e., viscous) into a closed cavity by means of the thrust of a screw (or plunger) The process of obtaining the finished product after curing.