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Technical Requirements For Doorframe Molding Equipment

Aug 04, 2017

Door frame molding equipment used in all PLC + display control, greatly facilitate the operation, is the automation of scale production essential equipment. Door frame molding equipment is automatically completed out of the box, forming, bottom folding folding. Door Frame Forming Equipment And now complete the next part of the tape paste, will be stacked into the cardboard box open, the bottom of the box according to a certain procedure equivalent, and sealed with a tape to the packing machine after the special equipment. Door Frame Forming Equipment The door frame is surrounded by the doorway on both sides and the top of the border and the upper threshold, set in the wall, usually supporting the door. Door frame molding equipment in the high hardness of zinc alloy profiles with different geometric shapes and bones can greatly enhance its strength, the surface by a special electrophoresis, glossy infinite, easy to sticky dust, Door Frame Forming Equipment not polluted gas corrosion, never rust, long.

Door frame molding equipment technical maintenance related requirements:

Circuit: pay attention to the circuit board clean, regular cleaning strength of the cabinet dust, keep the electrical box dry, to prevent moisture.

Oil circuit: check the oil all parts of the phenomenon of oil spills, timely treatment. To prevent the piston rod scratches and oil quality deterioration.

Machinery: machine drive parts to check whether the phenomenon of wear and tear, Door Frame Forming Equipment check every butter mouth with or without blocking the phenomenon, and note butter.

Door frame forming equipment structural characteristics: leveling roller by quenching and tempering, chrome after its rigidity, surface roughness and other mechanical properties greatly improved; by the pinch roller and leveling roller composition, pinch roller can be individually adjusted, Door Frame Forming Equipment Using the overall structure, before and after the two adjustment points, can form a certain tilt angle, easy to improve the quality of leveling. The leveling machine has a pair of guide rollers and two pairs of vertical rollers, and the vertical roller can be moved and moved at the same time. Handwheel adjustment, with scale, easy to center.

Before and after the leveling machine with a primer bridge device. Leveling machine and the feeder between the live photoelectric signal, Door Frame Forming Equipment send a feedback signal into the control system, the control system issued a command to the variable frequency motor speed, to control the storage area in the material storage capacity, to achieve the purpose of continuous leveling.