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Stable Performance Of Frame Forming Equipment

Jul 25, 2017

Advantages of frame Forming equipment:

1, the door frame molding equipment compared to the transmission clay brick machine, the raw material choice is convenient, the energy-saving environmental protection performance is good, the waste recycle can reuse;

2, Door Frame Forming Equipment the use of three staves up and down pressure molding, molding can immediately heap code, do not need a brick plate;

3, the body uses high-strength, Door Frame Forming Equipment high-precision castings and special welding technology and materials manufactured, long life;

4, high production efficiency, block quality, high density, accurate size;

5, high yield stability, low scrap rate.

The door frame molding equipment All uses the PLC display control, greatly facilitates the operation, is the automatic scale production essential equipment. The door frame forming equipment refers to the automatic completion of the Open box, forming, bottom fold folding. And now complete the next part of the tape paste, Door Frame Forming Equipment will be folded into cardboard box open, the bottom of the box according to a certain procedure, and tape sealed after transmission to the special equipment for the packing machine. The frame is surrounded by doorways and top of the border and the upper sill, inlaid on the wall, usually supporting the door. Door frame forming equipment in the high hardness zinc aluminum alloy profiles with different geometric shapes and muscles can greatly enhance its strength, Door Frame Forming Equipment surface by special electrophoresis treatment, Gloss Unlimited, not easy to sticky dust, not contaminated gas corrosion, never rust, guarantee a new period of long.

Technical maintenance requirements for door frame forming equipment:

Circuit: Pay attention to the circuit board cleaning, Door Frame Forming Equipment regular cleaning strong and weak electric box dust, keep the box dry, prevent dampness.

Circuit: Check the oil circuit all parts of the phenomenon of leakage, timely treatment. Prevent the piston rod from scratching and oil deterioration.

Machinery: Machine Drive Parts Check for wear-free phenomenon, check each butter mouth has no blocking phenomenon, and injection of butter.

Door frame Molding equipment quality, material accessories preferred, equipment stable performance, advanced, not jerry-building, durable. Rapid production time, Door Frame Forming Equipment installation and commissioning quickly.

Double-sided door roll forming machine, including rack, feed passage, roll folding device, power plant and synchronous adjusting device, the rack is fixedly installed with feed channel and roll folding device, the roll-folding device is arranged on both sides of the feeding channel, Door Frame Forming Equipment and the rolling device is provided with a roller, wherein the frame is equipped with a power plant, wherein the frame is fitted with a synchronous adjusting device on both sides of the feeding channel parallel to the feeding the channel is divided into a left feed channel and a right feeding channel, wherein the roll-folding device is divided into a unilateral roll-folding device and a bilateral rolling device. , the left feed passage and the right feed channel are respectively equipped with a unilateral roll-folding device, and a bilateral roll-folding device is arranged in the middle of the left feed passage and the right feed channel. The synchronous adjusting device comprises a deceleration box and a adjusting box located on both sides of the deceleration box, wherein the gearbox is connected by a connecting rod and a regulating box. Door Frame Forming Equipment The corresponding rollers on both sides of the bilateral roll-folding device are connected by the rotating shaft. The two ends of the power unit are respectively connected with a two drive half shaft, and the other end of the drive half shaft is connected with the transmission device on the corresponding side one-sided roll-folding device.