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Siding Equipment Maintenance

Jan 20, 2017

1, in addition to equipment vibration class to the wall plate guide rod include butter and related components for inspection, adjustment, cleaning, refueling and other routine maintenance, you should also do the following maintenance work regularly; according to the actual working time, the cumulative run 1800 hours, need to change the gear box oil, kerosene or diesel before adding new oil will clean the gearbox. Check the gearbox oil level on a regular basis, if close to the lower limit shall immediately fill the first limit. Required HL-30 gear oil in the summer, winter joined the HL---20 gear oil, do not mix different brands of gear oil. Oil leak oil seal failure should be timely replacement of seals,

2, wall panels and equipment should be carried out according to the following vibrators maintenance; a, vibrators in the handling and operation, care should be taken with care to prevent striking damage. B, the appearance of the housing should be kept clean, and interferes with the motor cooling. C, the vibration cycle, such as unusual noises or abnormal vibrations as well as coke smell shall immediately disconnect the power supply, check stands. D composite calcium base grease, rolling bearing grease, note periodic cleaning, vibrator 150-200 hours of operation time, painted not too many to fill bearing cavity one-third is appropriate to avoid heating in the bearings. E periodically check bearings, oil seals and other wearing parts for wear, if a problem is found must be replaced immediately.

Device 3, wall panel extrusion operation, if there is serious business quality printing and forming speed drops, should check the mixing knife down, wall plates, vibration plate wearing part; when replacing the mixing knife, should be symmetric replacement to ensure uniform feeding.

Device shall not leak days placed 4, wall panels, long when not in use, protection of critical parts should be oiled and traveling in front of the two wheels and two rear wall corner touching the ground, positioned horizontally to reduce distortion.

5. except in accordance with these instructions of use and maintenance, users should also develop extrusion machine for safe operation, implementation will consist of operations to ensure the normal operation of the machine in order to produce the qualified products.