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Security Door Equipment Has A Certain Safety Protection Performance

Nov 03, 2017

The so-called anti-theft door equipment, it must be both anti-theft and security performance. and anti-theft door equipment rugged, beautiful appearance of the characteristics have been popular, of course, anti-theft door equipment also has some other advantages, such as open flexible, easy to use, and low price, cost-effective, good service quality.

Anti-Theft door equipment is equipped with anti-theft lock, Security Door Equipment in a certain period of time can withstand the abnormal opening under certain conditions, with a certain safety protection performance and comply with the corresponding anti-theft security level door.

The product advantages of anti-theft door equipment

First, with small tolerance, good thermal insulation performance;

Second, can make the coordination gap between the components to achieve a relatively extreme state, the use of good results;

Third, anti-theft door equipment System Internal accessories can be universal, Security Door Equipment strong interchangeability;

Features of anti-theft door equipment

1. The door panel uses the galvanized steel plate of Shanghai Baosteel, the machine uses the import five axes three coordinates the NC machine tool processing manufacture mold, the 2000T large-scale hydraulic press once the molding board.

2. Surface treatment Effect: The use of imported phosphating liquid, surface high temperature phosphating treatment, the protection of phosphating solution to increase the high resistance to acid and alkali resistance barrier.

3. Strengthen the side lock point: the use strengthens the side lock point, Security Door Equipment makes the door firmer, the skid-proof. Independent internal insurance to allow users to use more gratified. Safe, convenient, while making the lock body more secure and firm.

4. Sealing strip: Airbag-type double-sided sealing strip, so that the door and frame of the tightness. Sound insulation performance more.

5. Steel Skeleton: Inside skeleton all adopt form Dear file, make the door stronger, Security Door Equipment improve riot control. Tamper-proof performance.

anti-theft Door equipment locks, strong three doors, with a revolutionary three-side tamper-proof groove, a more robust step-B-level lock to improve the overall performance of the skid. The latest mirror gold-plated handle (optional for this accessory). After locking the door, the side lock and the step-yang B-level lock supporting the automatic pop-up, the edge locking point of the tamper-proof effect to enhance the ultimate degree. Security Door Equipment Using step-yang latest encryption lock, the key to increase the anti-toggle function, open mutual rate of 500,000 points. Curved computer ABC Core features: This lock is a new anti-theft door equipment lock Core, the use of a number of anti-theft technology, a variety of special-shaped anti-dial marbles, to prevent the opening of technology, Security Door Equipment with the unique structure of the billiard and blade design. This product achieves the ga/t73-94b level standard.

Security Door Equipment Other details

1, Cat's Eye: The new cat's eye, automatic stealth small window, Super big view, high definition of the new cat's eye, exquisite beauty, broad viewing angle, the door outside static and dynamic glance, hidden in the fa├žade of the perspective window, both practical and decorative functions.

2, Doorbell: The doorbell using a set of invisible doorbell, Security Door Equipment high-quality luminous doorbell, more convenient to use the doorbell at night.

3, Hinge: New stealth reinforced hinge, multi-channel thickening invisible bearing hinge, not easy to be chopped, can debug the invisible bearings, completely solved the door after a long use of tamper-proof doors of different degrees of droop problem, and has a greater external pry force, Security Door Equipment the stronger the internal locking force of the magical performance, more beautiful, more brisk, firmer.

4 threshold: 2.0MM thickness of galvanized steel plate arc bottom sill.