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Security Door Equipment Beautiful And Reliable

Sep 07, 2017

In life, anti-theft door equipment has become indispensable furniture. At present, there are many kinds of anti-theft door equipment, from the material can be divided into four kinds: stainless steel door, iron gate, copper door, aluminum alloy door. These four kinds of quality and performance characteristics, Security Door Equipment the price is also different. Aluminum alloy door is the most people choose the anti-theft door equipment.

Main features of anti-theft door equipment:

1, sound insulation and slow-moving seals: the door frame using a refrigerator-type adsorption magnetic sealing strip, with open door easy, no noise, enhanced buffering, noise, smoke, insulation function.

2, strengthen the super thick three-dimensional frame: the introduction of the most advanced integrated molding equipment, the use of 1500T high pressure to strengthen the overall molding, Security Door Equipment and strengthen the protection side, and the door without cracks, no pry point, truly luxurious, beautiful and safe and reliable.

3, the front of the panel treatment: the use of car pretreatment technology, so that the best paint film adhesion.

4, spray-plastic treatment and metal wood grain surface Treatment: The use of Wagner production line electrostatic spraying, bright color, clear wood grain.

5, Super strong frame frame: concave-convex high-strength inner frame "meter" skeleton, Security Door Equipment more enhance the resistance of the door.

6, Thickening adjustable invisible hinge: The hinge is particularly thickened, and adjustable, when the external prying force greater, its internal automatic locking force larger and stronger, and the general anti-theft door equipment after long use after the problem of the leaf droop completely resolved. Security Door Equipment The hinge bottom adopts ball bearing, Security Door Equipment which greatly reduces the friction of the door opening and eliminates the noise caused by the hinge friction.

7, unique tamper-resistant buckle door structure: Doors with unique tamper-resistant structure, closed doors, doors on the big buckle and box on the groove tightly buckle, so that the integrity of the door and the frame is stronger, than the general anti-theft door equipment to improve the performance several times. Close the door, Security Door Equipment the side of the doors recessed just bump into the ladder-shaped door tightly buckle, road, all-round skid-proof function.

8, ultra-thick reinforcement door: door thickness of 71mm, than ordinary door thickness of 26mm, noise and skid-proof performance doubled.

9, a new type of stainless steel ABC lock: High-quality mortise Lock, a lock control omni-directional lock tongue, no failure rate up to million, he has the following advantages:

(1) A, C key except the landlord, other people can not Kaifeng, a key in the insurance function can be used before and after the expiration.

(2) The B key is provided to the installers and the decoration workers for use.

(3) After the installation, customer acceptance, as long as the C key to insert the lock core rotation 360 degrees, b key automatically failure, A, C key can be used.

(4) The use of the owner should not often use the C key to open.