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Requirements For The Use Of Industrial Door Equipment

Jul 25, 2017

Industrial door equipment is divided into: industrial shutter door, industrial sliding doors, industrial slide-lift, manual/Electric sliding door, fast shutter doors and other types, industrial rolling shutter area in 65-70 square meters, wind resistance to reach 10. Industrial sliding door is divided into vertical lifting, standard elevation and high elevation, while the electric sliding door is divided from the middle to both sides of the horizontal switch or one-way switch two. The type of industrial door opening will depend on the analysis of the specific conditions and development requirements of your workplace, Industrial Door Equipment and the design of each industrial door has unique characteristics and advantages. Larger doors also have hangar stacking doors, Industrial Door Equipment folding doors and other types. The following is the use of the most common three kinds of industrial doors: industrial shutter doors, industrial sliding doors and industrial lift doors mainly introduce its characteristics.

Super Big industrial Door

According to the area of industrial doors, can also be divided into super large industrial doors. The oversized industrial doors are suitable for large-scale industrial equipment, Industrial Door Equipment the production of large-scale transportation equipment, storage and maintenance sites, as well as various types of civilian and military aircraft in the large warehouse and maintenance of the channel. Ultra-Large industrial doors are specifically designed and manufactured for customers in the industrial sector and in part with special requirements. Industrial Door Equipment According to the domestic leading super industry door manufacturer Zhejiang Ideal Door Industry professional introduction, Super large industrial doors with the following 3 characteristics:

1 Super large industrial door safe and reliable: large industrial door body area, in the design of the project will fully consider the safety of the product, Industrial Door Equipment equipped with airbags or infra-red security devices, according to different design plan to equip the most suitable safety protection devices.

2 large industrial Doors strong wind Resistance: Super large industrial door area, in the design of the project early fully consider the product's wind resistance, Industrial Door Equipment to meet the requirements of different areas of wind pressure, to ensure the service life of super industrial doors.

3 Super Large industrial door insulation airtight: Super large industrial door doors using double-sided color plate, filled with polyurethane foam insulation materials, with insulation, sound insulation, insulation and other advantages. The door body around the use of EPDM rubber seal or brush strip seal, to ensure the sealing performance of large industrial door.

Principle of industrial door equipment

Industrial Sliding door: industrial sliding door consists of a series of door panels, rising along the track, by torsion spring system or counterweight system to ensure the balance of the door body, Industrial Door Equipment the installation of the track as close to the inside of the building, so that a large number of savings in the building's internal space, will be based on your building size and shape, its lifting door can be designed to different installation. The choice of the door body lifting method can be based on the following basic conditions: the size of the doorway, the upper space of the doorway, the side space of the doorway and the depth of the doorway. Industrial Door Equipment According to the actual situation of the building site, combined with the owner's use of space requirements, you can achieve the following several

Rising way, the maximum to meet the reasonable use of space requirements.

1, the standard promotion: Applies to the door top space in: 200-300mm within.

2, high elevation: apply to the door top space in: 〉300mm〈 doorway height

3, Vertical elevation: Applicable to the door top space: "or = door entrance height

4, Tilt top elevation: Apply to the roof ceiling of the shape of the slope, track and ceiling into a parallel state.