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Price Analysis Of Cold Bending Forming Equipment

Feb 17, 2018

Before we use mechanical equipment factory production of this product is the first to conduct a detailed examination of the cold equipment, see cold equipment before use there is no loose parts phenomenon, if there are loose parts if we don't careless, to use the tools on the screws to repair, to ensure that when in use do not appear what problem.

When using the cold equipment staff must pay attention to, when the work will be operated in the form of group, so that at the time of the operation if the accident, two people do not appear panic phenomenon, can all think of ways to solve, we should pay attention to when cold equipment operation, must stand in the safe outside the region, so to prevent the equipment will become unnecessary damage to the artificial work, affect our normal work.

Because of the cold roll forming equipment is very large, so every time we have to conduct a detailed examination of the equipment in use after the completion, look at this product during the work time, have the check with the lost or damaged phenomenon, if I have to repair as soon as possible, in good repair the use of, which can greatly improve the efficiency of our work.

In fact, the lubrication of cold bending equipment is mainly divided into two kinds, one is continuous lubrication, the other is intermittent lubrication. If the cold pressure equipment is not running, so we suggest you cold equipment manufacturers, half the time if a change of oil can, if cold-formed steel equipment has been running it, so we recommend that you make a lubrication maintenance in twenty to thirty days or so, of course, the lubrication don't wait too long time.

If you find any faults in the cold-formed equipment during the cold bending process, you should stop immediately for maintenance. If necessary, you must also pay attention to the oil tank in the cold bending press equipment.