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Insulated Shutter Doors Run Without Noise

Oct 24, 2017

Thermal insulation shutter door selection of high-quality aluminum alloy (steel) Double roll forming, the surface by multi-layer paint treatment, the middle filled with carbon fluoride-free polyurethane insulation foam material, the use of sophisticated production technology and manufacturing technology. Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment Thermal insulation shutter door appearance, color soft, horizontal embossed design, embodies the level of aesthetic feeling. The winding diameter is small, sturdy and durable, and suitable for new and old buildings.

Application range of thermal insulation shutter door:

Thermal insulation shutter door applicable to residential, apartment, villas, banks, golf courses, leisure venues, hotels, factories, conference rooms, clubs, cinemas, hospitals, schools, shops, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment public security fire fighting, army barracks, garages, enterprises and institutions. As long as there is a hole in the area can be insulated from the door door for your escort, life easy, work comfortably, but also to protect your privacy.

Thermal insulation shutter Door performance characteristics:

1. Energy Saving and environmental protection

insulation shutter door of each piece of material filled with environmentally friendly insulation, sun protection, can effectively maintain the indoor temperature, save a lot of energy. Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment Energy-saving effect can reach 30%, is the ideal energy-saving environmental protection type building materials.

2. Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation shutter door different material and structural design, can effectively prevent strong light irradiation and ultraviolet radiation completely solve the greenhouse effect of sunlight on the interior, applicable to a variety of climate and weather changes, the indoor environment has long-term protective effect, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment after the experiment shows that the thermal insulation shutter door to the sun shielding rate of 100%, The temperature shielding rate can reach more than 95%

3, noise reduction

Thermal insulation shutter door not only run without noise, and when the home is located in the bustling roadside, airport and other noise areas, the installation of thermal insulation shutter doors can greatly reduce the noise interference, life, learning is not affected

4. Security theft

Thermal insulation Rolling shutter interior equipped with a tamper-proof device, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment closed from the outside to open, durable, safe anti-theft, was designated as the country's Kang-Habitat Engineering department goods and products.

5, Save space

Thermal insulation shutter opened when the shutter is rolled in the top of the aluminum alloy casing and other lifting doors, not only save the roof occupied space, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment but also save room space, and will not bring mud, snow, rain and other debris into the house.