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Installation Requirements For Insulated Shutter Doors

Sep 27, 2017

Thermal insulation shutter door is a modern high-rise building indispensable fire facilities, fire doors in addition to the role of ordinary doors, with fire, smoke, curb fire spread, protection of personnel evacuation special functions, widely used in high-rise buildings, large shopping malls and other personnel intensive occasions.

Thermal insulation shutter doors are mainly luxury electric retractable door, manual shutter doors, galvanized shutter doors, European shutter door, stainless steel glass doors, stainless steel electric shutter doors, aluminum shutter doors, color steel shutter doors, Australian-style shutter doors, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment transparent crystal shutter doors, thermal insulation shutter doors.

Where is the heat-insulated shutter door set?

According to the decision of the process, the thermal insulation shutter door is set in addition to the fire wall, there should be no firewall between two fire zones. Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment Generally located in the following areas.

(1) Close the evacuation staircase to the aisle, close the elevator, leading to the front room and the front door to the aisle.

(2) partition fire zone, control the building area of the firewall and fire wall door. When the building firewall or fire doors have difficulty, to use the thermal insulation shutter door instead, at the same time must protect the water curtain.

(3) Specifications (such as gb50045-95 "high-rise civil Building Design Fire Code") or the design of special requirements for fire, smoke-proof partition door. For example: the equipment room attached to a fixed fire extinguishing device in a high-rise civil building (cylinder room, foam station, such as ventilation, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment air-conditioning room, such as the partition door should be used Class A fire-resistant door; the door on the partition wall of a basement room, where there are frequent or combustible objects, shall adopt Class A fireproof door; , gas-fired boilers, oil-immersed power transformers, fuel-filled high-voltage capacitors and switches, special-purpose room partitions on the door, should use Class A fire door. There are special requirements for the design of fire-proof door, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment such as fire Control and command center, Archives information room, valuables warehouse, such as the door, usually the use of grade A or Class B fire door.

Thermal insulation shutter door use range: Mainly used in large supermarkets (hypermarkets), large shopping malls, large-scale professional materials market, large pavilions, factories, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment warehouses and other public places with fire requirements. When the fire alarm occurs, the thermal insulation shutter door under the control of the central control system, according to pre-set procedures automatically put down (downlink), Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment so as to prevent the flames spread to other areas of the role, for the implementation of fire fighting to fight for valuable time. In general, large buildings are equipped with the central fire control system according to the provisions of the National Fire Law. When the fire occurs, the smoke sensor installed on the roof (The smoke sense) first received the smoke signal, at the same time to the central control system alarm, fire control system through the identification of the fire in the area of the thermal insulation shutter door power supply, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment so that fire in the area of fire shutter at a certain speed downward When the shutter down to about 1.5 meters from the ground, stop the downlink, in order to facilitate the evacuation and evacuation of personnel. Heat-Insulated shutter doors stay in the middle after a certain period of time, and then continue down the line until closed. The downward speed and intermediate dwell time of the insulated shutter door can be adjusted during installation.

In some occasions, the building is not equipped with a central fire control system, thermal insulation shutter door only with the help of thermal insulation shutter door of the fire control electrical box to achieve thermal insulation shutter door fire regulations running procedures. In this case, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment when the fire alarm occurs, the smoke sensor receives the fire signal directly to the thermal insulation shutter door of the fire control electrical box. In the case of power outages, only by pulling the chain will be insulated shutter door down. Thermal insulation shutter door equipped with manual, can only one-way down, can not ascend.

Thermal insulation shutter door production requirements are higher, that is, the entire system can withstand a certain amount of time 1100° test, thermal insulation shutter door fire time is the main indicator of thermal insulation shutter. gb14102-93 Steel insulated shutter door general technical conditions for fire-resistant time of four fire rating.

The operation details of the thermal insulation shutter door in use the steel fire shutter is an important fire fighting facility for fire prevention and partition in public places. It is the comprehensive performance of mechanical and electrical fire products, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment so the installation of fire curtain should always be in a normal state. Steel fire shutter in the use of the process, special equipment should be dedicated to the use and custody, and has a certain electrical and mechanical basic knowledge.

In the operation of the operation, the operator should not leave the operation of the location, should pay close attention to the situation and the implementation of the opening and closing at the bottom of the shutter no one standing, walking. In order to prevent the failure of the trip switch, roller shutter die, motor obstruction and other accidents. Fire zone and fire partition of steel fire shutter usually do not make frequent use, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment once the area fires, the shutter should be effectively put into use. Automatic control fire shutter with linkage control and central control center must be carried out according to a set of command procedures.

In the course of the use of the abnormal situation should immediately take urgent measures to cut off the input power supply, troubleshooting. Fire shutter should establish a regular maintenance system, and do a good job of each Tang roll curtain maintenance records, filing and archiving. Long-term roller shutter six months must be maintained once, content for the elimination of dust garbage, brushing paint, the transmission part of the sprocket roller chain plus lubricating oil life. Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment Check the electrical wiring and electrical equipment damage, operation is normal, can meet the instructions, if there is damage and inconsistent requirements should be repaired immediately.

Installation requirements and usage instructions for insulated shutter doors

1. The upper part of the door of the shutter door shall not be equipped with ventilation pipes and water pipes;

2, Power line (three-phase five line and fire control signal line) by the user laying to the door of the machine side of the electrical control box;

3, the shutter door installed, the installation of suspended ceiling, the edge of the ceiling should be 50mm from the curtain board to avoid friction;

4, debugging and use, strictly prohibit the bottom station person. Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment No unauthorized demolition of electrical equipment;

5, according to the fire control regulations, thermal insulation shutter door for the fire-fighting facilities, not to be used for him, the roll curtain is not stacked under any items;

6, after the installation and commissioning, every quarter to start, to check the electrical, mechanical properties, inspection attention to Operation safety.

Insulated shutter door with the role of firewalls to the level of fire separation, it is made up of 13 parts, such as curtain board, seat plate, guide, bearing, reel, box, control box, shutter machine, limit device, door, manual speed, button switch and safety device, which are generally installed in inconvenient use of firewall partition. Such as: Open Elevator Hall, escalators, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment department stores of the spacious Business hall, exhibition halls and buildings in the large openings can not use fire doors and windows parts. Thermal insulation shutter door in building engineering, so that fire separation has been widely used.