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I-beam Bending Machine How To Operate?

Nov 25, 2017

1. The equipment is installed on a hard foundation surface, looking right, with the feed rail surface in the horizontal position.

2. I-beams must work on a horizontal workbench (with a rolling work table).

3. Must be refueled before use (reducer plus 30 # oil, 46 # hydraulic oil tank, after a regular replacement of new oil.

I-beam, channel, H steel, U-shaped steel and other large processing arc, support for steel processing

Test machine: In order to ensure a smooth job, before starting to work must be a good machine debugging.

1. Check the power is normal.

2. Check if the motor oil pump is rotating forward.

3. Open the pressure gauge switch, pressure relief valve handwheel release.

4. Click the motor, check the direction of rotation is correct.

5. Check electro-hydraulic valve and jog switch is normal.

6. All preparations are correct, start the motor, the oil pressure adjusted to 10Mpa, test run for about three minutes, if it works properly, ready for formal work.