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High Production Requirements For Insulated Shutter Doors

Sep 07, 2017

Thermal insulation shutter door is a suitable for both adequate lighting and ventilation or capacity, but also to meet fire zone fire partition requirements, to comply with fire zoning standards of fire, insulation facilities. Products in the design of the use of the characteristics of the scroll, with a reasonable structure and compact, beautiful appearance, new modeling. The fire shutter face is achieved by means of a transmission device and a control system. Play a role in fire and smoke.

Thermal insulation shutter doors are widely used in industrial and civil building fire partition zone, in addition to the role of ordinary doors, but also with fire, smoke, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment suppression of fire spread, protection of the special functions of evacuation, can effectively prevent smoke, fire spread, to ensure the safety of life and property, is a modern building indispensable fire facilities.

Fire zones in various industries, civil and public buildings, such as large factories, industrial plants, warehouses, shopping malls, professional materials market, supermarkets, trade city, shopping malls, gymnasiums, theatres, conference centers, business centers, exhibition halls, expo centers, health homes, hospitals, museums, Civil air defense projects, basements, underground garages, hotels , casino, hotels, schools, terminals, stations, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment airports and other personnel have more intensive fire-fighting requirements of public occasions, the site is widely used.

When the fire alarm occurs, the thermal insulation shutter door in the Fire center control system control, according to pre-set procedures automatically put down, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment so as to prevent the fire to spread to other areas of the role, for the implementation of fire fighting to fight for valuable time.

In general, large buildings are equipped with central control systems according to the provisions of the National Fire Law. When the fire occurs, the smoke sensor installed on the roof (smoke sense) first receives the smoke signal, simultaneously sends the signal to the central control system, the central control system through the identification after the fire area's thermal insulation shutter door control signal, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment causes the fire area fire shutter to follow the certain speed downward. When the shutter down to about 1.8 meters from the ground, stop the downlink, in order to evacuate and evacuate personnel, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment thermal insulation shutter door in the middle of a certain period of time, and then continue the downward, until closed. The one down height and the intermediate dwell time of the insulated shutter door can be set during installation.

In some cases, the building is not equipped with the central control system of fire, when the fire occurs, the thermal insulation shutter door only with the help of the thermal insulation shutter door near the smoke temperature feeling signal to make intelligent control box action, the realization of thermal insulation shutter door According to pre-set fire regulations run the program running down.

In the operation of the operation, the operator should not leave the operation of the location, should pay close attention to the situation and the implementation of the opening and closing at the bottom of the shutter no one standing, walking. In order to prevent the failure of the trip switch, roller shutter die, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment motor block and other failures.

Fireproof zoning and fire partition of steel fire shutter usually do not make frequent use, once the area fires, the shutter should be able to effectively put into use. Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment Automatic control fire shutter with linkage control and central control center must be carried out according to a set of command procedures.

In the course of the use of the abnormal situation should immediately take urgent measures to cut off the input power supply, troubleshooting. Fire shutter should establish a regular maintenance system, and do a good job of each Tang roll curtain maintenance records, filing and archiving. Long-term roller shutter six months must be maintained once, content for the elimination of dust garbage, brushing paint, the transmission part of the sprocket roller chain plus lubricating oil. Check the electrical wiring and electrical equipment damage, operation is normal, can meet the requirements of the instructions, if there is damage and inconsistent requirements should be repaired immediately.

In the case of power outages, only by pulling the chain will be insulated shutter door down. Thermal insulation shutter door equipped with manual, can only one-way down, can not ascend.

Thermal insulation shutter door production requirements are higher, that is, the entire system can withstand a certain amount of time 1100° test, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment thermal insulation shutter door fire time is the main indicator of thermal insulation shutter. gb14102-93 Steel insulated shutter door general technical conditions for fire-resistant time of four fire rating.