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High Efficiency Of External Wall Machine Construction

Oct 24, 2017

Use of external wall machine: in building engineering, for horizontal vertical conveying mortar or large area spraying. In the chemical sector and papermaking industry, the transfer of raw materials and waste. In the thermal power plant used to transport fly ash slurry. It is used for grouting slope protection in national defense and Civil Defense engineering and mine tunnel construction. In highway pavement maintenance, it is used for fangs filling of cement pavement collapse. In the prestressed construction project, External Wall Machine it is used for mortar injection expansion. In hydraulic engineering, it is used to reinforce the dam. In metallurgy, steel and other industries for the maintenance of blast furnace and other equipment slurry infusion. External Wall Machine Spraying machine is mainly composed of feeding device, nozzle and atomization source. The source of atomization varies with different types and spraying machines: the source of atomization of air spraying machine is air compressor, gas pipe and pie.

Outside the wall machine before spraying, first the Phoenix pump to the 6kg pressure (matching Phoenix pump 0.26-0.36m) then connect the nozzle. Connect the power, the nozzle mouth to the hopper to achieve a good atomization state, stop the host Non-stop wind. When the debugging is accurate, the nozzle and jets will be moved to the construction site immediately. In the construction process, the pipeline is full of paint, External Wall Machine not suitable for downtime for a long time, if the power failure, should immediately remove the pipeline cleaning. If the tube is filled with pressure, before the tube is cleaned, it must be covered with cloth to protect its eyes from injury. External Wall Machine In the work or when the completion of cleaning the body, do not spray water drill or electric box, lest damage.

Also pay attention to the distance of Shotcrete, when holding the nozzle, if you take too close, you may spray too thick, the opposite is true, these small details will affect the effect of spraying, but if too far away, it will be a part of the mortar sprayed on the surface, therefore, to maintain the appropriate distance is an important factor. The proportion of mortar is also an important factor, External Wall Machine too thick or too dilute to achieve good results. Performance characteristics of grouting pump: The external wall machine uses the hydraulic type to send the slurry, the vibrating net filter double cylinder reciprocating operation completely can transport the construction application each kind of mortar, the fine stone concrete and so on, this product has the displacement big, the pressure is high, the province works province material, moves nimbly and so on Easy to use, fast, provincial materials, labor, and more money-saving, a machine with only three people, 150 square/hour (thickness of 2cm). External Wall Machine Two times structure column pouring pump adapts spraying material: putty powder, paint, latex paint, true stone paint, cement mortar, dry mortar, insulation mortar, waterproof material, fireproof material, insulation material, sound-absorbing materials and other water-soluble materials.

Features of exterior wall machine

1, high construction efficiency-no gas spraying mechanized construction, efficiency is about the traditional manual roller brush efficiency of 10 times times.

2, the wall coating uniform fine-slip, texture good-coating in high-pressure atomization for fine particles, evenly distributed in the wall surface, in the wall to form a smooth, smooth, External Wall Machine dense coating, to obtain brush coating and other traditional methods have no comparison of high-quality wall coating quality;

3, coating adhesion, prolong coating life-coating particles in the high-pressure action to the wall infiltration, enhance the coating particles and wall mechanical bite force, coating more dense, coating service life longer.

4, paint utilization rate is high-relative to brush coating and roll coating, External Wall Machine no gas spraying in situ construction without dipping, not out of the first dripping phenomenon, to avoid waste of paint, but with the traditional air spraying is more different is, airless spraying is atomized paint rather than atomized air, so will not cause the paint to fly around pollution environment, causing waste. External Wall Machine Users in the use of spraying machine process, the failure of more than 90% of the spraying machine is to use after the cleaning is not complete, improper maintenance or parts of normal wear and tear did not change in time. So the proper use and maintenance training of equipment is very important. Users must first read the random English instructions and Chinese translation materials carefully.