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High Efficiency Of External Wall Machine Construction

Aug 28, 2017

Features of exterior wall machine

The main principle of the external wall machine is to control the direction change of the device by controlling the airflow. Many industries can not be separated from it.

1, high construction efficiency-no gas spraying mechanized construction, efficiency is about the traditional manual roller brush efficiency of 10 times times.

2, the wall coating uniform fine smooth, good texture, External Wall Machine coating in high-pressure atomization for fine particles, evenly distributed in the wall surface, in the wall to form a smooth, sleek, dense coating, to obtain brush coating and other traditional methods have no comparison of high-quality wall coating quality.

3, coating adhesion, prolong coating life-coating particles in the high-pressure action to the wall infiltration, enhance the coating particles and wall mechanical bite force, coating more dense, External Wall Machine coating service life longer.

4, paint utilization rate is high-relative to brush coating and roll coating, no gas spraying in situ construction without dipping, not out of the first dripping phenomenon, to avoid waste of paint, External Wall Machine but with the traditional air spraying is more different is, airless spraying is atomized paint rather than atomized air, so will not cause the paint to fly around pollution environment, causing waste. Users in the use of spraying machine process, the failure of more than 90% of the spraying machine is to use after the cleaning is not complete, External Wall Machine improper maintenance or parts of normal wear and tear did not change in time. So the proper use and maintenance training of equipment is very important.

Precautions for spraying external wall machine

First of all, we must remember that the brush coating in the use of paint brush, metal business road network recommended that you brush the direction of the best but first and upper and lower after the painting, and in the construction period, its paint brush dipped not too much to prevent dripping. External Wall Machine Basically, its coating heavy anti-corrosion coating, the paint brush distance can not pull too large to avoid thin film.

Second, we must remember the basic roll coating in the process of using its drum, the paint on the rollers should be evenly distributed. And basically in the process of painting, its rolling speed must be maintained, not too fast.

The third must remember the high-pressure airless spraying: in fact this is the fastest coating method, and according to experts, it also can get very thick paint film. Therefore, many times, External Wall Machine in order to be able to better achieve the required thickness of paint film, we recommend that you can use airless spraying construction methods.

The above is a small series to introduce the characteristics of the external wall machine, it can be seen that the biggest feature of the external wall machine is the efficiency of high, it is 10 times times higher than the artificial efficiency, so, with the external wall machine not only for us to save manpower but also for us to save time, really kill each other. Of course, the external wall machine has many characteristics, External Wall Machine we can also know more about it. Finally, the small addendum to the introduction of the external wall machine in the work of some points of attention. You can understand.