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Features Of Industrial Door Equipment

Aug 16, 2017

Industrial equipment for the enterprise common facilities for large warehouses, logistics industry, medicine, food, factories and mines enterprises for opening speed, insulation, sound insulation, sealing, wind and other requirements of the relatively high industry. Especially the larger openings, Industrial Door Equipment inconvenience to install the ground door of the place to play a convenient, fast opening effect.

Industrial door equipment is divided into: industrial shutter doors, industrial sliding doors, industrial sliding doors, manual / electric sliding doors, fast shutter doors and other types of industrial shutter doors produced area of 65-70 square meters within the wind resistance capacity of 10. Industrial sliding doors are divided into vertical lifting, standard lifting and high lift, Industrial Door Equipment while the electric sliding door is divided from the middle to both sides of the horizontal switch or one-way switch two. What kind of industrial door equipment to use will depend on the analysis of the specific situation and development requirements of your workplace, Industrial Door Equipment and the design of each industrial door equipment has unique characteristics and advantages. Larger areas of the door also have hangar doors, folding doors and other types. The following to use the most common three kinds of industrial door equipment: industrial shutter doors, industrial sliding doors and industrial doors to introduce their main features.

Large industrial door equipment

According to the industrial door equipment area, can also be divided into large industrial door equipment. Large industrial door equipment for large industrial equipment, large transport equipment, production, storage and maintenance of the site on the channel and various types of civil and *** aircraft large warehouse and maintenance between the channel. Oversized industrial door equipment is designed and manufactured specifically for the industrial sector and in part with special requirements. According to the leading domestic manufacturers of large industrial door equipment, Industrial Door Equipment Zhejiang ideal door industry professional introduction, large industrial door equipment has the following three characteristics:

1 large industrial door equipment safe and reliable: large industrial door equipment door area, in the program design will take full account of product safety performance, Industrial Door Equipment equipped with airbags or infrared and other safety protection devices, according to different design with the most suitable safety protection device The

2 large industrial door equipment, strong wind resistance: large industrial door equipment use area, in the beginning of the program design will fully consider the product's wind performance, Industrial Door Equipment to meet the different areas of wind pressure requirements, to ensure that large industrial equipment life.

3 large industrial door equipment insulation closed: large industrial door equipment door double-sided color plate, filled with polyurethane foam insulation materials, with insulation, noise, heat insulation and other advantages. The door around the door with EPDM rubber seal or brush bar seal to ensure that large industrial door sealing performance.