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External Wall Insulation Board Equipment Brief Introduction

Jan 20, 2017

"Pod cement-fly ash composite core wall panel" main procedures include mixing of mortar, mortar, PU coating, glass fiber cloth, roll, shop polystyrene Board, mortar, PU coating, composite glass fiber cloth, roll forming, conservation, stripping, cutting, stacking and other steps. Products using mechanized assembly line production. Product dimensions: length 2500-3500mm, width 600mm, thick 60-240mm. Products with connection grooves side, construction for easy installation. The product has good mechanical properties, and has a light weight, high strength, low shrinkage of water absorption, thermal insulation, sound insulation and other fine performance, satisfy the relevant technical standards. Because the product has low shrinkage characteristics of water absorption, making the setting of wall crack. Construction of the product is easy to install, small red-brick and block construction efficiency can be improved more than five times. Can be widely used in construction within the wall frame, steel structure and outside walls, preferably flexible partition walls, cold storage, mobile homes, and so on.