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Experiment And Theory Of Heat Preservation And Energy Saving For Integrated Wall Equipment

Feb 17, 2018

Integrated wall equipment products have thermal insulation, then how to keep insulation, does our daily materials keep warm? What's the most important thing about the environment we live in?

The environmental factors of small houses must be kept in a certain range, and the relative stability of time and space must be maintained. In general, people in the room are a very long auxiliary space, guarantee the indoor climate, and have the appropriate consideration of the auxiliary room. The average rate of 65-70% is the best standard to ensure a critical and appropriate level in a comfortable home, with a guarantee rate of 80%.

Experiments and theories are suitable for indoor temperatures of 21 to 32 degrees in the summer, 24 to 26 degrees, and the optimum temperature range of 19 to 24 degrees, and the most comfortable room temperature in winter. If you use 18-20 degree C, the humidity is 60%, the room is comfortable and the temperature is equal to the winter woman dressing room, it won't feel cold. At present, global warming, people's demand for housing, the temperature start at high temperature. In the living room and bedroom, the bedroom 22-23 C, 20-22 Kitchen Restaurant requirements, because of heat and activity, always keep the temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.

The effects of indoor climate on the structure performance of solar radiation, ventilation and heat insulation buildings in summer. It is mainly residential interior design, a proper main room to create a draft, to strengthen the insulation green, coloring, envelopes, and mechanical ventilation and air conditioning necessary conditions, can be set up to ensure that the living room has a suitable temperature in summer. Indoor and outdoor temperature in winter mainly affects the climate, heat transfer performance, doors and windows, air leakage and heat conditions, and ensures indoor temperature in winter is generally better with thick insulated enclosure, shutting doors and windows, heating and air conditioning.

At room temperature, the most basic and most economical solution is to choose a suitable building enclosure. The building enclosure refers to the exterior wall, the roof, the floor, the doors and windows, etc. In order to make room for the summer, keep the material structure as far as possible the choice of building materials with low thermal conductivity (thermal insulation material, thermal conductivity is less than 0.25 of building materials) and low thermal conductivity materials, poor thermal conductivity, the more resistance, the more conducive to building insulation. However, these materials are often soft materials and have no structural support, so they are usually placed in or connected to the building envelope, forming an insulation structure, playing a dual role of load bearing insulation. Generally, the thermal conductivity of the thermal insulation structure is less than 1.5, and it will meet the requirements. In hot summer, the air method of the tube wall and the roof is usually used to achieve the goal. The inner wall closed air layer is a good heat insulation material, which can produce a certain amount of thermal insulation material.

At room temperature, the temperature of the building material can not be ignored for the human body. In cold weather, if the skin is exposed to cold ceramic tiles, the bathroom will feel the feeling of trembling and shrinking. The feeling of a hot cold is largely controlled by the temperature of the skin. In the housing, many often direct contact with the skin, in the use of any material, will not let people in the cold, is a serious disease. Measure the actual temperature of the decorative material of the foot and the ground.

The integrated wall equipment uses polyurethane material, the thermal insulation effect is excellent, warm in winter and cool in summer, energy saving and emission reduction!