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Door Frame Molding Equipment To Enhance The Quality Of The Door

Jun 02, 2017

Door frame molding equipment automation, a machine can process a variety of specifications bridge

1, forming the door frame nice, to enhance the quality of the door;

2, high molding efficiency, small workload, cost savings;

2 anti-theft door frame of a molding, semi-shaped special equipment. Door Frame Forming Equipment Also suitable for steel structure, home appliances and other manufacturing industries.

3 Molding process: automatic discharge - guide - leveling, feeding - continuous punching - forming - length, cut off -

Unit performance:

1 Rolled sheet range. Material: galvanized sheet, low carbon steel, such as Q235; Door Frame Forming Equipment plate thickness: 0.8 ≤ ∮ ≤ 1.5 mm; plate width: 150 ≤ ≤ ≤ 300 mm.

2 production covers an area: 30 meters long X wide 3 meters

3 installed capacity: 42kw

4 with air supply: gas source: 0.9 cubic / min, 0.6 ~ 0.7MPa

Method of making the door frame forming equipment

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a door frame molding apparatus, and more particularly, to a multi-shaft door frame molding apparatus for cutting a door frame side by a single cutting method.

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION [0002] The existing woodworking door frame processing equipment uses a single machine single process processing method, the normal solid wood door frame processing specifications need at least 3-5 steps to complete the process, such as the first push table saw saw bilateral, vertical axis milling machine I cut the door , Door Frame Forming Equipment Vertical shaft milling No. 2 saw the right side of the slot, vertical axis milling No. 3 saw the left side of the trunking, vertical shaft milling No. 4 saw sealing groove. And the processing safety factor is low. Most manufacturers need 4 processes, 4 devices, 8 individuals to operate in order to ensure that production needs. The problem is: its molding products and more operations, more processes, large error, high cost, Door Frame Forming Equipment low efficiency. And the different equipment on the material and discharge error, resulting in processing accuracy is not high.

The contents of the invention

The technical problem to be solved by the invention is to provide a multi-shaft door frame forming device, which can finish the processing of the door frame at one time, improve the processing efficiency and improve the machining precision. MEANS FOR SOLVING THE PROBLEMS In order to solve the above technical problems, the technical solution adopted in the present invention is a multi-shaft door frame molding apparatus including a frame on which a plurality of saw blades connected to a motor are provided, and the motor is moved by a front- And the plurality of saw blades are arranged along the feed channel. Said motor being slidably connected to a base with a transverse guide rail, Door Frame Forming Equipment the base with a transverse guide rail being slidably connected to the frame by means of a vertical guide rail;

Or the motor is slidably connected to the base with vertical guide, Door Frame Forming Equipment and the base with vertical guide is slidably connected to the frame by means of a transverse guide rail.