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Characteristics Of Wall Insulation Board Equipment Products

Jan 20, 2017

Cement-fly ash composite wall panel pod core is polystyrene foam board as the core material, alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh and non-woven fabric reinforced surface materials of low alkali cement, adding proper fly ash,

Slag admixture, a lightweight wall panels is a composite material, item size is 2500-3500mm long, 600mm wide, thick 60-240mm. The cement fly ash composite pod core wall Board of two a surface layer, by alkali glass fiber network gingham and the no spinning cloth enhanced, makes products strength high; due to joined has reduction agent, and waterproof agent, so surface layer structure dense, pore rate and the hole distribution reasonable, waterproof performance good; cement fly ash composite pod core Board of core material is polystyrene foam board, makes products insulation insulation performance good. In addition, the product also has construction easy installation and so on. Structure and function of the product set insulation, and waterproof in one, mainly used in building the wall partition. The project complete automated assembly line of roller type light wall plates design, manufacture, and test run; pod study of cement-fly ash composite Board forming process and principles to optimize the production formula; developed enterprise standards, the application of the Atlas and other related technical documents