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Anti-theft Door Equipment To Ensure The Overall Accuracy Of The Machine

Jul 01, 2017

The whole frame has a good rigidity, smooth operation, simple operation, in the flanging machine electrical system and hydraulic system coordination and coordination to achieve Ideal bending effect.

Anti-theft door equipment with a smooth, easy to operate, low noise, safe and reliable features. The frame adopts the whole steel whole welding structure, uses the advanced technology to carry on the internal stress elimination. To ensure the overall accuracy of the machine, with excellent stiffness, Security Door Equipment excellent anti-distortion, anti-tilt ability.

Tools are used ultra-wear-resistant materials, the use of forging molding process, Security Door Equipment and quenching and tempering treatment to ensure tool accuracy and high service life.

Hydraulic drive to ensure that the work will not be due to changes in the thickness of the sheet or the lower mold "V" -shaped groove caused by a serious overload accident, the cylinder has a mechanical stop, to ensure that the slider to the bottom dead center repeat positioning accuracy to ensure that The consistency of the bending angle in mass production.

The machine adopts hydraulic electrical control, Security Door Equipment slider stroke can be adjusted, and has a jog, semi-automatic, automatic and other action specifications, the use of jogging norms can be easily tested and adjusted.

Can be achieved automatically positioning continuous folding knife or a folding folding more than the efficiency of high bending machine.

Buy anti-theft door equipment is not a small thing, to be fully optimistic, if the purchase of substandard quality anti-door equipment, then the main work is the latter part of the maintenance, and reduce productivity, to bring some of his production losses. So the purchase of anti-theft door equipment from a variety of considerations, but also to consider their own production is what kind of products, Security Door Equipment the need to buy what type of product.

But also to consider the parts of the factors include parts of the bending radius, flexing, precision, mold, bending side of the long, choose to produce their own products, bending machines, but also to see the performance of anti-theft door equipment, the length of life.

Anti-theft door equipment market demand is growing, then how can better be done to ensure the quality of the same time to ensure quality?

Anti-theft door equipment flagship product: the door of the door head hydraulic crimping machine, CNC open flat machine, the door plate hot press gluing machine, door frame multi-functional combination punch, 45 degree hydraulic punching machine, knurling machine, 45 degree door frame cutting machine , Kaiping machine on the feeder, electric heating device. Applicable to security doors, fire doors, steel doors and various metal doors production and processing.

Anti-theft door equipment is designed to produce anti-theft door equipment, it's many varieties, the price level is missing. Manufacturers to remind anti-theft door equipment to buy, Security Door Equipment re-price heavier quality.

Experts pointed out that with the consumer awareness of the depth of the problem of deepening, they will also pay more attention to the quality of locks when the purchase of anti-theft doors, anti-theft door manufacturers only focus on lock technology innovation, the development of more advanced locks To stabilize the market. Therefore, the anti-theft door equipment also put forward new requirements, high-quality anti-theft door equipment is your preferred production machinery, the price is not the key, anti-theft door equipment quality is the key.