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Anti-theft Door Equipment Suitable For Civil Construction

Sep 27, 2017

Anti-Theft door Equipment is an important member of the security product family. In recent years, as with other security products favored by the vast number of users, it is entering the tens of thousands of households in the Civil air defense, material defense, technical protection, social Security comprehensive management plays a role.

Security door Equipment Definition: "within a certain period of time, can resist the normal opening under certain conditions, with special locks and anti-theft devices door." "Anti-Theft door equipment is a combination of doors (including door frames) and locks.

For the safety of the family, it is necessary to choose a good anti-theft door equipment. anti-theft door Equipment All known as "anti-theft security doors." It has both anti-theft and safe performance. Anti-Theft door Equipment is the largest feature of strong security, with a solid and durable, open flexible, Security Door Equipment beautiful appearance and so on. Anti-Theft door equipment applicable to civil and residential buildings, high-rise buildings and confidential rooms, financial departments and other offices.

Buy anti-theft door equipment of common sense Daquan

Buy anti-theft door Equipment Common sense 1: Consumers should be based on the bedroom door size, open direction, color patterns and other practical requirements to choose the appropriate anti-theft security doors.

Buy anti-theft door Equipment Common Sense 2: anti-destructive function is the most important function of anti-theft security door, Security Door Equipment in the purchase can require the seller to show the relevant departments of the test certification, product quality should conform to national standards gb17565-1998 "anti-theft safety door general Technical requirements" technical requirement.

Buy anti-theft door Equipment Common sense 3: qualified anti-theft security door frame plate thickness should be above 2mm, the door body thickness is generally above 20mm, should check the gate weight, generally should be above 40kg, Security Door Equipment and can be removed by the cat's eye, doorbell box or lock handle and other ways to check the internal structure of the door body, The steel plate thickness of the door body should be 1.0mm above, there are several reinforcing steel bar, so that the door front and rear panel organically connected together, Security Door Equipment enhance the overall strength of the door body, the door has the best asbestos and other fireproof, thermal insulation, noise-proof function of the material as a filler, with the hand tapping the door body issued a "thump" sound, The consumer opens and closes the door with a flexible hand.

Buy anti-theft door Equipment Common Sense 4: Inspection process Quality--special attention should be paid to the inspection of welding defects, such as open welding, welding, welding and other phenomena. Whether the match between the guard fan and the door frame is dense, the clearance is uniform, open is flexible, all joints are dense, the surface of the door should be anti-corrosion treatment, generally should be spray paint and spray, paint layer should be no bubbles, color uniformity, most doors in the door frame is also inlaid with rubber seals, Security Door Equipment closed doors will not emit harsh metal impact sound.

Anti-Theft door equipment generally used by the Public Security Department to detect qualified anti-theft special locks, at the same time, in the lock should be 3.0mm thickness of the steel plate to protect. Anti-Theft Special Lock is a lot of multi-directional lock, Security Door Equipment its advantage is not only lock locks, the upper and lower bar can be inserted locked, to the door to be fixed. Greatly increased the door's skid-proof performance.