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Airtight Of Thermal Insulation Shutter Door

Jul 25, 2017

Thermal insulation Shutter Door-introduction of equipment materials

Curtain new metal material double roll pressure molding, the middle filled with no carbon hydrogen fluoride polyurethane adiabatic foaming data, progressive profile of bending resistance, and can avoid condensation water presentation; Double hollow aluminum alloy door, strength is very good, consolidate solid. We were able to reach the concierge through a tunnel from the city gate. In the middle or two of the tunnel, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment there will be one or more layers of gates. Insulation data of the open space structure is divided into connected, closed type, half closed type, except for a few of the open space of organic plastic foam is mostly closed, the wood, steel non-corrosive, the product of water absorption rate of 50g/(m2. h), Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment only for the same kind of goods at the mercy of 1/10. Low water absorption rate is one of the most important features of this product, which is different from the usual inorganic heat preservation data.

Thermal insulation Shutter Door-structural design of equipment

Thermal insulation shutter Door equipment Structural Design: paint coating outstanding base material, alloy and organic compound coating can be more powerful maintenance, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment can avoid the organic coating under the corrosion. The space structure of thermal insulation data is divided into connected type, close-type, half-closed type, except for a few of the open space of organic plastic foam is mostly closed, other insulation data regardless of the open space structure, its raw materials themselves are absorbing water, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment coupled with the capillary saturated open space suction water, so all water absorption rate is very high. Thermal insulation shutter door equipment raw Material function Introduction: aluminized Zinc color coating is the use of the above information as a substrate by high-temperature spraying, baking and color map products. Excellent T-bend function. Ordinary hot-dip galvanized color plate for 4T, aluminum-coated galvanized color coated with 2T specifications. Excellent spraying function, paint layer adhesion can be very good.

Thermal insulation shutter Door-advantages

Thermal insulation shutter door has a large number of advantages, not only can heat insulation, noise and noise can also fire anti-theft, thermal insulation shutter door by virtue of these advantages, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment in the rolling shutter market has won a good reputation. But also to remind you to use thermal insulation shutter door users, to buy the shutter door must pay attention to the closure of the shutter door, shutter door closed tightness, thermal insulation shutter door and shutter shell contact sealing, etc., Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment so that will play the heat insulation shutter door the best insulation effect.

Read a little more than the introduction of the thermal insulation shutter door of the understanding has not increased a lot? The use of thermal insulation shutter door to provide us with a lot of help, of course, we also know the advantages of thermal insulation shutter door, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment it is because of these advantages to let thermal insulation shutter door so hot.

With the development of the rolling shutter repair market, electric shutter door in people's lives occupy more and more weight, with the electric shutter door more and more situation in the development of people's needs also have a further change, shutter door shiny debut, then the business to achieve thermal insulation shutter door function is imperative.

This reflects the importance of the rolling shutter door, thermal insulation performance can greatly save the use of refrigeration, heating energy, in a certain range plays an important role and value, thermal insulation rolling Shutter Advantages:

1, heat insulation is needless to say, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment thermal insulation shutter door is not only a unilateral refrigeration or heating, he is the whole aspect of maintaining your support for good indoor temperature, free adjustment, permanent insulation.

2, followed by anti-theft effect, thermal insulation shutter door integrated fire anti-theft, and now add insulation, I do not have to call the heat insulation shutter door, should be called the Universal shutter door.

The vast number of users, when you use the shutter door should pay attention to the following points: closed closure of the shutter door, the tightness of the guide rail, the combination of the rails and the wall, the shutter door and the sealing of the contact part of the shutter cover and so on, all the places we should pay attention to to achieve the utmost, to play the most important role of thermal insulation shutter.