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Advantages Of Fire Door Equipment

Jan 20, 2017

Principle, structure and specifications of decoration fire plate production line design and reasonable structure, stable operation, using double-roller system board, forming a uniform thickness, high yield. Equipped with a vibration device to eliminate internal and external air bubbles and make the sheet more dense, non-woven fabrics for isolation membrane, increased toughness and strength. The machine can be adjusted up and down at random, can produce two to 60 mm thick plate, the maximum width of 1300 mm, length, thickness and any adjustments.

Second, equipment, a multi-purpose machines, production of wood ash, like red (white) beech, oak, fire relief panels and Dado panels ceiling panels, decorative wall murals and other products. The line machine, gluing veneer drying machines, varnishing machine level. Automated cutting machines, mixers are also available for users to choose. Production line has a variety of models. Selected according to user needs. Between a variety of devices can also be matched, save money or buy single.