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What is the European shutter door?

Apr 28, 2017

European shutter doors are a shutter doors, imports of special aluminum alloy materials, made by special equipment double-layer, the middle filled with polyurethane foam material. A variety of profiles to meet the size of the door. European shutter doors in Europe everywhere, in the country is still in the development stage. Never rust, noise, insulation, fire-retardant, light weight and high strength is the advantages of European shutter doors.

Maintenance matters

1; in use, when the product fails please do not dismantle.

2; every other week to two weeks to check the line, the door and the gap between the rails are foreign matter.

3: If you find the door is not in the end, you can check the upper and lower stroke switch position, do not forget every six months on the trip controller plus lubricants.

4: As the European shutter doors are now mostly remote control, electric. Manual switch and manual lift device seems to have become a display, it is not true, every time to operate under the next to see whether it can be used to avoid unnecessary accidents in the event of an accident


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