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Security door devices, the concern is more attention to the quality

Jan 20, 2017

1, security door welding transformer: 63KVA AC transformer.

2 electric control system, security door equipment: secondary constant current micro-computer controller one, ten welding welding time and welding current and welding head adjustment built into the control box, can be adjusted separately, the welding current control by microcomputer secondary constant current control technology to ensure each solder joint weld firmness.

3, security door devices mechanical system: vertical pressure mechanism of gantry frame welding structure, cylinder, door lock system.

4, pneumatic system: consists of cylinder, solenoid valve, fittings, piping, filter, regulator, and stand-alone configuration gas storage tank, selection of well-known brands, reliable quality, easy accessories to purchase,

5, water cooling system: by joints, water, pipeline components, transformers, thyristor, water-cooled welding heads and configure over-temperature alarm. ensure the long-term stable, reliable welding machine work. security door devices welcome new and old customers call advisory, we will provide quality service and excellent quality.