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Security door devices can extend the life of security doors

Jan 20, 2017

Security doors equipment is a can increased security doors using life of a equipment, he let security doors has better of quality. According to understand, security doors fa├žade if no after p of processing, two or three years on will rust rot, but p of processing process, will makes security doors industry of p emissions serious exceeded. Zhejiang Province Environmental Office had ordered around environmental sector each quarter regularly report by's main basin containing p total, and also in main basin cross section installation has online monitoring system 24 hours for monitoring.

Security door devices

Traditional metal surface phosphate processing. each process must be washed, so each process wastewater discharge, waste water containing high concentrations of inorganic phosphate, using "a Groove metal cleaning agent" and process all operations no longer needed washing, wastewater discharged to zero. Traditional metal surface p of processing, used in the temperature operation, needed equipped with boiler production steam for heating, average each Tang standard door consumption coal 0.7 kg, burning caused has sulfur dioxide, pollutants of emissions, now to at room temperature operation, no longer need steam heating, save has coal of consumption, reduced has gas emissions. security doors equipment manufacturers service to intimate sincere for target, with we of service let General of customer trust. 1 standard requirements.