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Security door devices are much more innovative upgrades

Jan 20, 2017

The development of science and technology, security door equipment market demands more and more, how it can be better to complete the upgrade, and how to better take advantage of it?

It is understood that security doors window dressing without phosphate processing, two or three years rust rot phosphating treatment process, excessive phosphorus emissions will make security doors industry. periodic reports under the jurisdiction of total phosphorus in the main basin, and also in the main river cross section install online monitoring system for 24-hour monitoring.

Put zhiqian of 9 a process slot pool synthesis for 1 a, created has metal surface no p processing, and without water rinse, and not needed steam heating of no emissions, and drop energy of production new way. traditional metal surface p of processing, each road process must for washing, so each process are has wastewater discharge, wastewater in the contains high concentration of inorganic p, used "a slot business metal cleaning agent" and process, all process no longer need washing, wastewater emissions for 0. traditional metal surface p of processing, used in the temperature operation, To be equipped with boiler producing steam for heating, average Tang door 0.7 kg of coal consumption, emissions of sulphur dioxide and other pollutants caused by burning, now replaced with room temperature operation, eliminating the need for steam heating, saving coal consumption, reducing gas emissions. door equipment manufacturers through our efforts at higher levels have more room for development. to achieve higher development capacity.