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National standards for fire door equipment

Jan 20, 2017

Fire door equipment do you have national standards? According to the China national standard GB12955-2008 door heating test results, if the fire door test bodies comply with the following (a) to (e) conditions can be seen as a kind of (with a flame-resistant, heat-resistant) fire door requirements, if only in accordance with the following (a) to (d) can be considered to have met the conditions b (do not act as a heat) fire door requirements., fire doors are not considered harmful on fire shape, damaged, flaking, peeling, etc. the second heating, fire door test specimens in non-heating surface does not produce a flame.  three-test pilot, fire door heating maximum temperature of the heating surface does not exceed 960 c. four non-heating, fire door does not produce a mastery test flame and harmful to the fissures and cavities of the fire.  v, door around heating test specimens (doors) any part, recurve or deflections did not exceed the thickness of the door leaf one-second. integrated statements of, in must time within, including fire door doors, and mentang and the hardware accessories,, can meet refractory solid sex, and cover flame sex and the adiabatic sex of full door group, which in fire within relative can maintained form solid, and not makes fire smoke penetrating and the barrier heat conduction, basic performance, to will fire control in fire Division line within, not extended burn or introduction burning another a fire, has this species basic performance of door to called " Fire door ", regardless of the material, must go through the laboratory testing of the Ministry of economy.