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Integration of the development prospects of the wall

May 20, 2017

Home building materials integration has been a hot topic of concern this year, the past few years the rise of the integrated ceiling industry and popular, so many companies see the hope of integrated home, but also tasted the sweetness. More and more "integration" into the market, into the homes of ordinary people. Home building materials industry has gradually from the kitchen appliances, bathroom penetration to the floor, lighting and other fields.

 But in this bustling industry behind, but also hidden a lot of problems, today's integrated development of the ceiling industry has been faced with four obstacles.

one. Competition in the industry disorder, manufacturers, dealers hit the price war, mutual digging the corner, leading to more and more intense competition, profits are more and more meager.

 two. Lack of innovation, the current so-called enterprises of the new products, nothing more than to increase the product style, color, change a nice name, increase the point gimmick, but only for the industry and consumers have a sense of fatigue, so people are waiting The

three. Shoddy brand impact of market share, in fact, any industry development of the market are regular to follow, like a river - the water is always flowing from high to bottom, but if the river river bed height, reefs everywhere, Then it will be the flow of water is not turbulent is fast. For the industry, if the industry competition disorder, the result will make a lot of brand-name, shoddy brand impact of the real brand market share.

 four. Lack of integrity, and now in the integrated ceiling industry, there are enterprises and accessories, distributors, workers, the three major credit crisis, if all sides do not trust each other, how can we make this industry healthy development.


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