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Integrated wall has an obvious advantage

Jan 20, 2017

1. relative to the General renovation, saving costs around 20,000 in artificial (due to renovation concepts, cost savings, this data cannot be defined directly).

2. material aspects, relative Yu wallpaper, wallpaper in process processing Shi, rough room surface processing process too much, artificial cost input larger, this products basic on Mao Pei room surface not processing, can directly installation; wallpaper in installation zhihou, easily surface cleaning, this products is better than wallpaper; wallpaper moisture performance poor, once damp will will appeared mildew, and off, phenomenon, this products met water characters not change.

Relative to the paint, this product has a very strong environmental performance, after the home is completed, can be directly admitted, without any harm to the human body.

Relative to the tiles, this product can be moisture-proof, avoid the rainy season when the wall hanging beads.

3. this product is compared to other wall materials, with strong environmental performance.

4. this product color variety, in actual use, customers can put spell demands to change the product requirements, stylish and beautiful.

In 2011 we will put forward a new concept of integrated market of wall space would be infinitely large.

In 2011, the integrated wall is going to be a year of market development, our advantage is self-evident, we family decoration industry will be presented at the 2011 new theories, our integrated wall will be completed in 2011, the history of changes.