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How to properly select doors equipment

Jan 20, 2017

1. first step: to distinguish between true and false security doors

Security door devices are according to national standards of production, steel door, metal door, entry door is according to standard production, therefore, see the security doors became standard consumer identification the first step. Have opened the door in the front corner post sign of security doors, note that "security doors", if not the sign or signs on the metal door, steel door, entry door, that is not a security door.

2. second step: understanding the thickness of the plate

Security door devices found in the façade class stamp, the stamp location on door hinge side, attention levels can be compared in the table below, GB17565-2007 of the General technical specifications for security doors performance grade list:

Security doors level frames/us Qian Board/us Hou Board lock level violence opened time technology opened time class a 2.0mm/US 1.0mm/US 1.0mm b level ≥ 30 minutes ≥ 5 minutes serie b 2.0mm/US 1.0mm/US 1.0mm a, level ≥ 15 minutes ≥ 1 minutes c level 1.8mm/US 0.8mm/US 0.8mm a, level ≥ 10 minutes ≥ 1 minutes d level 1.5mm/US 0.8mm/US 0.6mm a, level ≥ 6 minutes ≥ 1 minutes national standards requirements door Shang must playing stamp, If you see no stamped on the door, it does not meet the requirements of the national standard. It is clear that is not a security door.

Security door devices

3. third step: anti-theft door equipment anti-theft performance

How to see the properties of security, dealers may tell you the door alarm, burglar, dealers themselves may not know, the best way is to look at test reports. Security doors security properties are properties of keys and locks, you'll need to view the performance report of keys and locks. Lock inspection report directly indicate the technology opened the experimental time. What we usually call a few minutes to open locks. If businesses pay for the lock cylinder inspection report, it indicates that the door of the technology open time is not known.

4. the fourth step: security door devices models

Doors main features is the intrusion, but security at the same time, manufacturers also focused on design and style, this door adds a new selling point. Can buy not only beautiful, but also has good anti-theft door, for consumers, not two birds with one stone?